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Swedish massage techniques are used during a relaxation massage. The goal is to reduce tension and the associated pain it causes which can have an array of health benefits including accelerated healing of soft tissue injuries, increased mobility, improved circulation, decreased stress levels, reduced anxiety and improved quality of sleep. 

Strong pressure is used during a deep tissue massage as to target deeper muscles and is best used on stubborn, long lasting knots. Occasionally muscles will feel sore after a deep tissue treatment but generally this only lasts for about a day.  Deep tissue massage has the same overall health benefits as a relaxation massage.

Hot stone massage incorporates heated river stones into the massage. Heat is an excellent tool used to help relax muscles. It penetrates into the deeper tissues that aren't as easily reached during a regular massage. The relaxing effects of a hot stone treatment can help with stress, anxiety and sleep issues. 

Cupping targets the myofascial layers and increases blood flow to the area that the cups are placed. This can have a positive affect on the circulatory system which is important for repairing damaged cells. 

Treat yourself to ultimate relaxation with a soothing head, neck and face massage using herbal lotion containing white lily, rosehip, vitamin C, cucumber and papaya. Add a hot oil scalp treatment using Moroccanoil for an additional cost. 

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